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When to replace your home appliances

Electronic appliances have come in handy to assist and entertain us especially at home. It is important to take care of them so that they can serve you for long. Howeverv every home owner should ask themselves when is the right time to replace each individual appliance.

There are several appliances that you will never miss in most homes including refrigerator, washing machine and dryer,lawn mower,television,vacuum cleaner, microwave,coffee maker among many others.

So which is the best strategy to employ so that you can make a decision on the need to buy a new appliance.Lets look at several appliances;


A dish washer can serve you for quite a long time with several but manageable breakdowns.However when you realise that your dishes are not getting clean,it’s probably the best time to replace your dishwasher.

Washing Machine

Quite oftenly a washing machine may develop cracks in the pipes which are easily repaired. However if it has serious issues such as water leakage in the pipes,when water no longer fills in the drum, problems with water drainage then it’s time to buy a new washing machine.


If a refrigerator has served you half it’s lifespan,and you notice that it is not cooling your foodstuff properly, if it’s making too much noise,if food gets spoiled while still in the fridge and if the side or back of the fridge gets too hot then it’s time to replace your refrigerator.


Most people prefer a washing machine with a dryer,it’s quite efficient. When your dryer exhibits certain issues for example,if you notice that once you put your wet clothes in the dryer they come out damp, if it produces a foul smell, if your cloths have rust stains and finally if the dryer produces too much noise you need to take action quickly.


It is one of the most used appliance for cooking easy meals and warming food. If you have used it for some time and you notice excessive noise while it’s in use,if it takes longer time than usual to cook,if the door switch is faulty and if the touchpad is not working then you need a new microwave.

Generally the reasons why you should buy a new appliance rather than repairing is;

•If the appliance is nearing the end of it’s lifespan as indicated by the manufacturer.

• If repair costs have become too much.

• If the appliance is not performing well.

• If the appliance is not energy efficient.

• If the appliance poses safety risks

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