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Important Beddings You should have

Mattress Protector

To most people if you ask them importance of a mattress protector,what comes to their mind is to prevent urine from penetrating the mattress. Contrary to this a mattress protector is as important as a mattress.

It serves as a barrier to prevent allergens,water spills, menstrual periods,urine,sweat and oils from reaching the mattress. Good thing is that they are removable and can be washed regularly to give you best night sleep.


The type of duvet to purchase largely depends on personal and financial choice,a duvets ability to trap warm air. If you can afford one should purchase two types, a lighter weight duvet for spring and summer and a heavier duvet for cold season.


This are the most looked down upon bedding but they are very important in supporting your head and aligning your head with your spine. People realise the importance of a pillow once they sleep without and wake up with a crock in their neck.

Is It is also important to fit your pillow with washable pillow covers and wash them regularly.

Lastly purchase a pillow that fills the gap between your head and shoulders once you lie down.

Duvet Covers

A duvet cover protects the duvet by keeping any type of dirt from penetrating the duvet. It also prevents leakage of feathers. A duvet cover is easy to clean and it prevents the duvet from regular washes, sometimes it can be used as a top seet or flatsheet.


They come in two varieties,a flat and fitted bedsheet. Bedsheets are used to protect the mattress and ensure a smooth, soft surface to lie on.

In conclusion great sleep leads to a healthy you;a better bedding makes you a healthier person,since a good sleep refreshes one mentally and physically.

For you to enjoy a good sleep you need to;

  • Check in your sleeping position
  • Switch off your electronics
  • Watch out on day naps
  • Restrict yourself from taking caffeine in the afternoon
  • Avoid oversleeping
  • Avoid pets in bed
  • Take a bath before sleeping
  • Prepare your next day’s outfit

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