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Meta Description: have you ran out of laundry detergent and urgently need to do your pile of laundry? There is no need to worry.

There are several laundry detergent alternatives that you can use and obtain equally good results.
Laundry detergent is important in every household. It is required every time laundry needs to be done. Lacking it can force you to postpone doing your laundry, something that might tamper with your schedule. In this article, I will provide you with a list of substances you can easily get hold of as substitutes.

Ingredients You Need for Laundry Detergent Alternative
In order to obtain an effective laundry detergent, you need to look around your house for the following ingredients. You might not have all of them but maybe a pair of ingredients in your house might work perfectly.
The ingredients you need include;
Vinegar (white vinegar in particular).
Baking soda.
Dish soap. (dawn if available will work best)
Body wash.
A spray bottle.
Oxygen bleach. (use the powdered one)
Hydrogen peroxide
A vegetable peeler.
The above ingredients can be mixed to produce solutions that can be used as laundry detergent substitutes. Depending on the ingredients you have, you can make laundry solutions in the following ways;
Vinegar and Baking Soda as Laundry Detergent Alternative
Vinegar and baking soda can perfectly work as a remedy especially for stained or heavily soiled garments. Being a mom, you can actually consider baking soda as it is good with smelly clothes such as children’s sportswear and feeding garments.
To use these two ingredients as laundry detergent substitute you need to;
Put half of a cup of baking soda in the wash cycle. It might not be very effective with fighting grease; therefore, you can add some little amount of dawn to increase the laundry power.
When you get to the rinse cycle, measure half a cup of vinegar and add it to the cycle. This will perfectly work as a fabric softener.
Baking Soda and Lemon Juice as Laundry Detergent Alternative
Have you lacked vinegar in your house but have found some lemon juice? Well, do not panic. Lemon juice can substitute vinegar. A combination of lemon juicer and baking soda can perfectly work as a substitute of laundry detergent and get your clothes completely clean.
All you need to do is;
Measure half a cup of baking soda. Add it directly to your wash cycle.
In the rinse cycle, measure half a cup of lemon juice and add it to the cycle. Leave your clothes until the cycle is complete.
You will notice that the only difference with this method and the one above is that we have used lemon juice instead of vinegar.
For the heavily stained clothes, you can use lemon juice to dissolve the stains before you put them in the wash cycle.

Dish Soap as Laundry Detergent Alternative
If you own a high-efficiency washing machine, I advise that you avoid this method. However, for any other type of machine, you can use dish soap such as Palmolive or Dawn as laundry detergent alternative. This alternative is good with colored clothes that necessarily do not require too much special care.
To use this method as laundry detergent alternative, all you need to do is;
Add half capful of dish soap to your wash cycle. You might ask why use such a little amount of solution. This is to avoid excess bubbles that might cause a mess in your room.
In the rinse cycle, you might want to add some vinegar to ensure the washing detergent is rinsed off completely.
This alternative can be the most common since many households have dish soap. Lacking laundry detergent should not stress you when you can easily use this soap as laundry detergent alternative.

Shampoo or Body Wash as Laundry Detergent Alternative
This type of substitute works similar to the dish soap. The same rule applies; make sure you use a very tiny amount of it to avoid excessive bubbles from forming.
Avoid using it on white clothes as they may discolor but it is safe to use on colored clothes.
Practice extreme moderation with shampoo or body wash as it tends to produce excess amounts of suds that might be harmful to a washing machine.
It is a laundry alternative that will work to ensure that your clothes are completely clean. However, the rinse cycle might not get all the soap out. You will be required to run an extra rinse off the machine as you do not want suds running onto and messing up your laundry room floor.

Bar Soap as Laundry Detergent Alternative
You might have wondered why we included a vegetable peeler in our list of ingredients. Well, here is where it is going to be used. A bar of soap can be used as a perfect laundry detergent alternative. It will require some time to prepare but it will be effective.
To use bar soap as laundry detergent alternative, you will need to;
Take your vegetable peeler and cut some tiny shavings from your bar soap.
Add them to your laundry cycle.
In this method, you will also use a small amount of shavings to avoid excessive bubbles from forming. If you use too much shaving, a lot of suds will be produced and might be a problem rinsing off in the rinse cycle. In case you accidentally use too much shavings, you can run your clothes for another round of rinsing.

Vodka as Laundry Detergent Alternative
In our list of ingredients, we included a spray bottle. It will be in use for this method of laundry detergent alternative.
To use vodka as an alternative, you will need to;
Take one cup of water and add to one cup of vodka.
Add the solution in to a spray bottle.
Sprinkle the vodka to your clothes and hang them out on a hanging line to dry.
This method is preferably good for clothes that only require refreshing.

Advantages of Using Laundry Detergent Alternatives
Having an alternative of laundry detergent has the following advantages;
They are easily accessible within your homestead.
Laundry detergent alternatives get the job perfectly done.
They are a cheap remedy to use.

Disadvantages of Using Laundry Detergent Alternatives.
Some alternatives can be harmful to your washing machine.

In the above article, it is clearly evident that you do not necessarily have to wait until you purchase your laundry detergent to do your laundry. You can choose one of the above laundry detergent alternatives to achieve the same results.

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