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Meta description: what is a luxurious mansion with crazy bedroom features? Here are some features that you can only find in a luxurious mansion.
Every wealthy person desires to own luxurious homes. Most of them prefer designs that are unique and rare.
Each feature of mansion bedrooms has its characteristics, pros and cons. They are as discussed below;
Features of luxurious mansion bedrooms
The following are some of the crazy features of mansion bedrooms;
Super king size bed.
The bed in a luxurious mansion bedroom is usually built inside the bedroom. This is because it’s not a regular king size. With the need to feel better than everyone else this bed is customized and built in the room. This making it unique and very rare. Its beddings are also customized considering that the largest size in the market is a 7 by 8; which might not fit on this kind of bed. Owning a luxurious home, this is one crazy bedroom feature you might want to consider.
They are comfortable.
Provide a taste of class.
They are appealing and attractive.
They must be built inside the bedroom due to their large size.

Modern bathroom containing a steamer, shower, and a bath tub.
Every moderate mansion bedroom contains one or two of these. With this one, you are spoilt of choices. A fully functioning steamer is installed separate from the regular shower. After a long day of hard work, you will need a good relaxing steaming and this will perfectly fulfil that desire. A shower is not left behind. Basically to be used for freshening up in the morning. It will play a great role for quick morning baths. It has three different angles through which the water pours out. That is, from the top, which pours the most amount of water, from the sides and lastly a rotating one.

With these features, you don’t have to turn around while taking a shower. You control the shower using buttons and enjoy your shower. A bathtub is one feature that you will never miss in a luxurious mansion bedroom. Its unique feature is usually evident with the extra size it comes in. a regular tub will hold a person at a time, but with this one, it can hold a couple comfortably and leave some extra room.

Electric toilets
These are toilets in which you operate differently from the normal toilets. Once you get in the washroom, the toilet lid opens automatically. When done with your business, it also flashes automatically. It saves you the struggle of handling the toilet manually. Another special feature with these toilets is that the lids are gold coated and have automatic air fresheners giving the room a relaxing mood. You might wonder how these toilets operate in case of power shortage. Well, that was already catered for. They are connected to solar energy which acts as backup when necessary.

Floating swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
These are built on the exterior of the bedroom though are accessed by the persons in the room only. the design of the swimming pool depends with that of the house itself. In some mansions, the swimming pool is built to go around the house like a big belt. Others prefer it to cover the bedroom’s exterior wall. All of these taking a design preferred by the home owner. Some will prefer having some other features added on the pool such as floating seats and tables. These will perfectly serve you when you taking a drink or resting. You do not have to get out of the pool for rest and snacking.

A Jacuzzi is one feature you will never lack in a mansion bedroom. With the revolution in luxurious homes, how will you miss having one. It is one relaxing feature that you can never think of missing. It also gives the bedroom a taste of royalty which you will want to consider.

Fully furnished living room.
A luxurious mansion bedroom is not complete without a living room. This living room contains all the features in a normal living room. It has a full set of coaches, a dining area and a table. Most wealthy people consider this space for reading during the night, resting or taking a cup of coffee. Who wants to struggle with a mug full of hot coffee on the bed? The area also plays a role when a quick family meeting is called for. Especially old folks will prefer talking to their children from the comfort of their beds while the rest of the family settles at the living area.
Couples in the modern world might wish to have a couple of drinks away from their children. This bar perfectly works for such an occasion. The privacy that comes along with it makes it a must have feature in the bedroom. It contains wine shelves, a counter and several bar seats just like a normal bar. Most people will refer to it as a bar away from the bar.
It allows privacy.
It is a bar away from the bar giving the same excitement and satisfaction.
Saves on time and energy since you do not need to visit an actual bar.
Safe and peaceful environment.
Cannot hold a large a group of friends like an actual bar.

Dressing rooms.
Amongst all the features of a luxurious mansion bedroom, this covers the largest space. It contains two wings. One wing serves the man while the other serves the woman.

The man’s wing has a full body mirror which is mounted on the wall, edge to edge wardrobes and a top to bottom shoe rack. It also has a private electric toilet, and a bathroom.

The female wing has a little bit more features than the male wing. It has the automatic toilet and a bathroom. It also contains double wall to wall wardrobes, covering half of the wing. It has a top to bottom shoe rack and a top to bottom hand bag closet. The wing also contains a dressing table and mirror which are necessary for make-up. Beneath the dressing table, you will also have disappearing jewelry drawers. The special characteristic about these drawers is that an outsider cannot tell they exist. Females are naturally addicted to mirrors. The wardrobe doors are therefore customized to serve as full body mirrors.
They allow enough privacy.
They are spacious

Rotating television.
Every luxurious bedroom must have a television set. However, the one featured here will excite you more. Did you know that there exists a rotating television? Well, now you know. This television set is designed to rotate on an orbit attached to the ceiling like a planet. All you have to do is use a remote control to rotate it to the side and angle of your choice. This allows you to enjoy your favorite television shows from any side of the bedroom. This television is also made with internal speakers which are also controllable with a remote control.
The exciting characteristic you will find with the lighting in a luxurious mansion bedroom is that every area has a different type of lighting. The lighting in the bathroom is different from the lighting in the dressing rooms. The lighting at the bar is different with the lighting around the living area and bedside too. The different types of lighting are customized according to your preference as an owner. The sizes are also customized to fit the large bedroom areas. The dressing rooms are lit brightest. The colors of each area can also be controlled using different switches which you are easily change to suite your mood and occasion.
They are unique.
There are many shades of color to choose from.
They are easy to operate.
Provide a sense of class.
They must be customized.

A balcony serves as an area in which you can spend your leisure time. It has at least two seats and a table. This area is used to catch some fresh air and enjoy the serenity of your property. The crazy part of the balcony is that it has a disappearing television. The TV is designed to disappear beneath the floor when not in use.
Automatic fans.
Sometimes the weather may be too hot. Well, for you as an owner of a luxurious home, your bedrooms can have these automatic fans. They are designed to automatically detect rising temperatures and cool the room. When the temperatures go down, they will also automatically stop.
They do not require manual operation.
They provide a sense of class.

These luxurious bedrooms are also characterized by the space they lie on. In most cases, you will find that a master bedroom covers an entire floor, while the other bedrooms cover more than a third each. Their advantage is that all bedrooms have ensuite washrooms. This become comfortable regardless of the persons being hosted.
Every luxurious mansion bedroom must have a feature that lacks in regular mansions. This is what makes it stand out and be named luxurious. From the items to the material that makes the items, all the features contain some crazy characteristic that draws the attention of any aspiring home owner.

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