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Meta Description: Are you interested in knowing different types of flowers? Well, look no further. This article will equip you fully with the knowledge you need to know about flowers that begin with M.

Over the years, many types of flowers have been discovered. Some have been said to be poisonous while others have been said to produce curative substances. Some produce nectar, a characteristic that makes them loved by bees.

In the article below, I will dig into some of the flowers that begin with letter M. They include the following;


It is also referred to as Epigaea repens or trailing arbutus. It is a small, low, white flower that grows as a spreading shrub.

Mayflower belongs to the family of Ericaceae and was first found in Newfoundland. It was later found in other countries such as Florida and Kentucky.

Characteristics of Mayflower

  • Leaves.

mayflower’s leaves are characterized by their broad and oval shape. They are leathery over green leaves that produce a sweet aroma.

  • Flowers.

Has some white and in other cases pink color. They are strongly scented, a characteristic that attracts insects to the mayflower.

  • Habitat.

Trailing arbutus mainly grows in the United State of America. It mainly grows under semi-shade conditions and some little afternoon sunlight.

You will in most cases find it growing in red sandy soils, damp river banks, under a pine tree, as well as on woody clearings.

Benefits of Mayflower

  • It can be used to make urinary antiseptic which is known to be one of the most effective medicine for cystitis.
  • It can be used to make medicine for bladder stones.
  • Mayflower can be used to make medicine that can cure urethritis


Mecanopsis refers to a flower in the family of Papaveraceae and kingdom Plantae. It is a genus flowering plant that was first discovered in the year 1814.

They are commonly identified with their attractive sky-blue color.

Characteristics of Mecanopsis

  • Color.

Mecanopsis flower is blue in color.  Even though, some will appear in different shades of color including; purple, red, orange and yellow.

  • Cultivation.

It is mainly grown on acidic or neutral type of soils.

To successfully grow, they require a partially shaded environment to bloom.


Marigold type of flower M refers to as a perennial genus type of flower that belongs to the Asteraceae family of sunflower.

It is known to bloom bright across the entire season of summer. Marigold flowers have daisy-like flower heads that are mostly produced in clusters.

There are different types of Marigold flowers including the following;

  • Signet Marigolds- they are known to do very well in hot and dry sites but will rarely go beyond a height of one foot.
  • Pot Marigolds- they are also known as Calenda officinalis or English Marigolds. It is a bright, attractive type of Marigold flower that is known to be edible containing a peppery taste.

Characteristics of Marigold Flower.

  • Color.

They come in a variety of colors including; gold, copper and brass.

  • Cultivation

Marigold flowers can grow in completely dry areas and some in rainy and wet conditions. This varies from one type of Marigold flower to the other.

  • Scent.

They produce a sweet aromatic scent.


Mimosa flowers are flowers mainly grown in warm conditions. They are easy to find especially in Australia and United State of America.

Characteristics of Mimosa Flower

  • Cultivation.

It grows under warm conditions. It grows to approximately a height of 11 meters and can survive for over 40 years.

  • Color

Mimosa flower mainly appears as a bright yellow plant that tends to mimic conscious life hence its name which in Greek is ‘mimos’.

 Benefits of Mimosa Flower

  • Has been a source of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time now.
  • It is used to clean the heart and the liver.
  • Mimosa flower also provides spiritual boost to its users. People from the Asian culture refer to it as Collective Happiness Bulk.
  • It is also used to treat any form of injuries and burns.
  • Used to make medicine that is used to treat coughs and inflammation.

Mina lobata

Mina Lobata flower is popularly known as Spanish Flag. It does well in cold regions and can grow all year long. It is commonly found in Mexico and some parts of Brazil.

Characteristics of Mina Lobata

  • Cultivation.

It requires moist environment in order to bloom.

It grows on well-drained sandy soils but can also do well on loam and in some instances on chalky type of soil. Mina Lobata is a fast-growing flower that can grow up to a height of 10 feet.

  • Family.

It belongs to Convolvulaceae family.

  • Color

Mina Lobata flower comes in a range of colors. Its stem appears to have a reddish color changing towards the flower with a white shade.


Moonflower is known to be one of the most aromatic flowers that you can grow in your flower garden. It can also be referred to as thorn apple, devil’s trumpet or jimsonweed.

It mainly opens at night and closes during the day. When the sun goes down, moonflower long white petals unfold into trumpet-like blooms.

Characteristics of Moonflower

  • Color.

Moonflower mostly appears in a strong white color. In other cases, it can appear in blue and green shades of color.

  • Width.

Moonflower ca grow up to a width of 4 feet with the narrowest being a foot wide.

  • It requires low maintenance to grow.
  • When Moonflowers are open, they produce a lemon fragrance scent.
  • Poisonous.

As beautiful as they appear, moonflowers can be poisonous if eaten. Therefore, if you decide to have them in your compound, plant them in containers and place them out of reach of children.

Advantages of Having Flowers in Your Home

Flowers are beautiful in nature and have an impact in your home. They have many advantages including the following;

  • Flowers improve people’s moods both at home and in workplaces.
  • To some, flowers act as a form of therapy due to their strong sweet scent.
  • Flowers are an essential part of the ecological system.
  • They act as a decorative feature in your house and compound.

Disadvantages of Having Flowers in Your Home

Nothing lacks a disadvantage and the following are some of the disadvantages of having flowers;

  • Flowers require time and attention in order to grow well
  • Some like the moonflower are poisonous and can cause harm to a person if eaten.


The above article proves that flowers are an important aspect in our day to day lives. They are beautiful and in other cases beneficial to our health.

Knowing about each of the above flowers that start with letter M, you can easily consider the one you wish to plant in your home or workplace.

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